How to consign my wedding gown

How to consign my wedding gown

sell my wedding dress


So you’re thinking about consigning your wedding gown.  I’m sure you have some questions floating through your head. Questions like: “What does the process look like?” “How do we determine pricing?” “How long is our agreement?” Let’s break it down for you.


The first step to consigning your luxury gown with us is to complete our 3 minute intake form. This is our opportunity to gather the information we need to learn about your gown. Here is a small screenshot of what it looks like.


bridal consignment, intake gorm


After completing the intake form, we will take 24-48 hours to research your gown. We use this time to ensure we can sell your gown for you. While every gown was made to make you look like the most beautiful bride, we will only move forward with gowns that we believe have resale potential.


The first factor we consider is designer. With our experience in the industry, we have learned which designers cut in a made-to-order manner and which cut-in-bulk. This is also why we ask about retail price. Typically, designers that retail gowns for ~$4,000 or more cut in a made-to-order model. Quite simply, these gowns are too expensive to make in bulk. We encourage and promote designers that are doing their part in sustainability within the bridal industry.


After your designer, we look at the other pre-qualifying factors:


  1. 4 years or newer


We have found that it is best to sell your wedding dress within fours years of purchase.  Brides shopping second-hand gowns have likely fallen in love with a gown over budget in their local boutique but may not want or can’t pay full price. Therefore, we seek out gowns that are on trend that brides would try on in a high-end boutique.


  1. Dry cleaned (unless New with Tags

  2. In Ready to Wear Condition (No Stains or Damage) 


As the original owner of the gown, you received your wedding gown new, stain-free, from the boutique and as such, we aim to provide the same experience to brides shopping second-hand. Dirt and stains can set into the fabric of the gown if they are not cleaned right away so it is imperative to clean your gown immediately after your wedding. While it is not ideal, Loved Twice Bridal will consider your gown if you have not cleaned it, but you will incur the cost of cleaning prior to your dress being posted for sale.



After our research is complete, we come to a decision on if we would like to host your gown in our online boutique.

If we do not accept your gown, it’s not because we don’t love it or don’t think it’s gorgeous. Some of the reasons may include but are not limited too...

  • Age

  • Retail Price

  • Designer - They may be cutting in bulk as opposed to made to order.

  • Style & On-Trend - Is your gown an active style that brides are looking for?


virtual appointment, bridal consignment

Upon accepting your gown, we will email you our availability for a free 15-30 minute virtual appointment. These appointments are held Monday-Friday 10AM to 5PM PST. Should these times not work for you, please let us know. We are happy to work around your schedule. During this time, we will go over our research findings and present our pricing strategy for your gown.



As a general rule of thumb:

Unworn, Unaltered, Active styles typically resell for 60-70% of its retail price.

Altered, Worn, dry cleaned gowns typically resell for 40-55% of its retail price


After our virtual appointment, we will send over our proposal and invoice for the consignment fee. Your $50 consignment fee covers, shipping to LTB, housingand marketing of your items.


Upon receipt of the proposal and payment, we will send you a prepaid shipping label to attach to any shipping box you have. Don’t be afraid to compress your gown into a small box. We have a steamer on stand-by. If you are local to Los Angeles, we will schedule a local drop off!


I bet at this point you are asking yourself, well if you are sharing your pricing tactics with brides, what value does Loved Twice Bridal bring if you can resell it yourself?


As a bride, you choose to consign or buy with Loved Twice Bridal because we offer a level of professional service that replicates the service you should receive in a traditional bridal boutique.

For our sellers, it's likely you bought the gown from a trained professional and we want to offer the same level of service and expertise to you when selling your gown.

Brides purchasing secondhand gowns are working with a tenured stylist who can advocate on your behalf. We are able to provide an elevated service to increase conversion. 

While resale platforms are great, it means you'll need to monitor the listings yourself. Let us do the work for you and in exchange, you will make back 50-60% of the resale price.* (Pending original price point and current market value)


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