Modern and Romantic Wedding Dress

Modern and Romantic Wedding Gown

Scenario: You are a modern bride and don't envision yourself wearing traditional lace and beadwork. But you aren't getting married in a New York City Loft. Instead, you are getting married outdoors on a winery at the tail end of spring or summer and need something that feels romantic and light weight, but clean and chic.

To execute a more modern look for your romantic wedding, we would suggest using soft sheer materials like tulle, chiffon or organza in playful layers and patterns. These fabrics can be used in many ways such as ruching, pleating, tiers and ruffle details. The movement from these fabrics adds softness for the whimsical effect.

If minimal fabrics feel a little too simple for you, there are a couple of types of lace that be used on your wedding gown. Laser cut lace and lace made in a geometric patterns can be a great way to add lace and still keep modern the twist. If you would rather steer clear of modern all together, adding softer lace patterns will add dimension to your wedding gown while keeping with the romantic vibes. The type of lace you use will also have an impact on the way your romantic gown looks. Floral leaf appliques evoke the sense of whimsical while Alencon lace will give you the touch of tradition you might appreciate, but not love. Chantilly lace could be a great alternative for the feel you are looking for.

While adding lace to a wedding gown can make the gown more expensive depending on where the lace is made, it should be noted that having a simpler gown means that execution of the pattern must be perfect as there is nothing else to disguise the work. Pattern making is of the utmost importance with more modern gowns while lace can be used to distract from quality of the gown.

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