Try at Home Program in Los Angeles

The try at home program offers our online brides the chance to try on your preowned wedding gown on before saying yes! Each product page ensures that you are getting the necessary photos, details and measurements for each gown. However, we recognize that this is simply not enough to buy your once in a lifetime gown sight unseen. Three days with your second hand wedding dress takes all the guesswork of buying a secondhand wedding dress.

During your time with the gown, you will try the gown on for sizing and style. You can even book a consultation with your local bridal tailor to ensure alterations can be done and how much it will cost. You can also use this time to inspect any flaws that are noted to ensure you are okay with them.

Using the try at home option eliminates the risk associated with typically buying a used wedding dress online. Instead, we offer you a unique customer service experience that ensures you purchase a gown that will actually work for your big day!


1. How long can i keep the dresses?

Because we only have one of each gown, we do limit your time to three days from delivery date. Ex: If your gown delivers on Monday, you will have Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and need to let us know by end of day Thursday and postmarked by Thursday.

2. Is there a maximum number of gowns I can try on?

Yes. Due to the rising popularity of our unique program, we ask that you try on one gown at a time. If you are deciding between 2 or more, please schedule a virtual appointment and we can help you narrow down your choice.

3. How can I guarantee the fit of the gown I am ordering?

Because of the nature of bridal sizing, we have done our best to be as explicit as possible of what size the gown currently fits like. Please be sure to take a look at each products measurements and compare it to your own. It is okay if a gown is a bit larger on you as alterations are to be expected. If you are unsure about measurements, please use our chat box feature to speak to a stylist.

If you have further questions, please schedule a virtual appointment and we can guide you on if the gown will work before completing your try at home purchase.

4. What if I have questions about the gown while in my care?

During your time with the gown, we are available via text, email, or phone call. Questions you have might be about the fit of the gown, the condition, what accessories to wear. We are your virtual bridal stylists, here to help.

5. What happens if I take longer than 3 days?

Please let us know if you need a bit more time to make your decision. If we do not hear back by day three of your time with the gown, a 1% of the selling price late charge will be assessed until we hear back.

6. I love the gown! How can I purchase the gown?

Congratulations on saying yes to the dress! You will send us an email or text saying that you'd like to purchase your gown. We will send you an invoice via email to make it official. The gown will be reserved for you until 11:59PM PT that day.

7. How do I go about returning my gown?

Should you decide to return the wedding dress, we will require a request via email or text. Upon receipt of your request, we will email you a prepaid label to attach to the same box you received your gown in.