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Try at Home Program

Buying a wedding gown online can be scary, especially considering the alterations that may have been done to the gown. It sure doesn't need to come at the sacrifice of your big "yes" moment! 

While we do our absolute best to include detailed photos, exact measurements, alteration recommendations and guidance on buying our gowns, we recognize that nothing can substitute trying the gown on in person before making your decision.

Unlike other bridal resale platforms, we house all of our product and as such, we are able to offer an amazing try at home program that gives you the confidence of buying your once loved gown. The Loved Twice Bridal try a home program allows you three (3) days with the gown of your dreams. 

Step 1: How many gowns do you want to try on?

Option 1. One gown- $60 (+shipping): It's likely you've tried on your dream gown at your local boutique, but didn't pull the trigger; whether because of budget or ordering time, or something else. Now you are on the hunt and found it! Loved Twice Bridal has the gown of your dreams, but you want to try it on before you buy it.

Each product page offers a try option to purchase so just have to *add to cart*.

1. Complete check out for payment and shipping.

2. Be on the lookout for a confirmation email within 24 hours. The confirmation email will address our terms and agreement.

4. We will ship your gown within 24-48 hours and you should receive the gown within 5-7 days, via UPS ground. You'll have three days to make your decision.

5. If you decide to keep the dress, you will be charged with the remaining balance, less $60 (shipping is not credited). If not, simply email us for a label to send the dress back to us.

Option 2. Three gowns- $150 (+shipping): Perhaps you've made your rounds to local boutiques and have a vision, but aren't sure which route to go. You've found three great options on our website and want to try them all on. 

Queue in the "3 Gown Bridal Bundle" - it's own product page.

1. Add this product to your cart.

2. Complete check out for payment and shipping.

3. In the "special instructions to seller"- please include the name of the three gowns you are interested in.

4. Be on the lookout for a confirmation email within 24 hours.  We will follow up with our document of terms and conditions.

4. We will ship your gowns within 24-48 hours and you should receive the gowns within 5-7 days, via UPS ground. You'll have three days to make your decision.

5. If you decide to keep one of the gowns, you will be charged for the remaining balance, less $150 (shipping is not credited). If not, simply email us for a label to send the dress back to us.

Step 2: Receive the Gown(s).

You've got your gown(s) and are ready to try them on. Invite your family and friends to join in on this amazing experience. We can't imagine saying yes without the most important people there. (Virtual fittings are all the rage too)

How to prep:

  • Lighting- Lighting can change the way a gown looks so be sure you have a well lit space with lots of windows.
  • Music- Tune into our Loved Twice Bridal playlist to encourage those dance moves
  • Pop the champagne- How can you say "yes" without the bubbly!
  • Get your camera out & ready
  • Hair & Makeup: While we recommend having minimal makeup, to ensure the condition of the gown, mascara and polished hair goes a very long way
  • Undergarments: Seamless nude undergarments are ideal. Please be mindful that it is rare you will be able to wear a bra with your wedding. Instead, silicone cups or pasties are recommended until cups are added during your alterations

Step 3: Keep us posted

You have three days from delivery to make your decision but once you know, why wait!

We are available via email, our website chat box, or through text.

Let us know which gown you want to keep and we will send over your invoice to pay for your gown, less your deposit of $60 or $150. We ask that it be paid within 24 hours.

Step 4: Say Goodbye 

1. Pack the remaining gowns in the same box you received them in

2. Adhere the label. There will be one in the box with your bridal bundle. If you have requested the one gown option, you will need to email us for a label.

3. Drop the box off to your local UPS store.

Try at Home FAQs

1. How long can I keep the dresses?

Because we only have one of each gown, we do limit your time to three days from delivery date. Ex: If you gown delivers on Monday, you will have Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and need to let us know by end of day Wednesday and postmarked by Wednesday.

2. Is there a maximum number of gowns I can try on?

To ensure there is a variety of gowns to our other brides shopping, we do limit our bridal bundle to three gowns. If you would like to try on additional gowns, we ask that you return your initial box and order another set. (Only one $150 fee will be applied towards your purchase.)

3. How can I guarantee the fit of the gowns I am ordering?

We are sure to include measurements to every gown, but if you are at all hesitant on fit, please ask us for more information. We are available via virtual appointment, email, chat, and text to confirm your measurements against the gown's.

4. What if I have questions about the gowns while they are in my care?

Accessibility is a trained stylist is what we pride ourselves on. You'll have the option to book a virtual appointment, but you'll also have our phone number to text or call us with your questions.

5. What happens if I take longer than 3 days?

Gowns in your possession past the 3 days are subject to a late fee of 1% of the total box value per day it is late.

Example: 3 gowns retail for $6,000- Late fee = $60 per day the return label was not scanned.