Unexpected Ways to Be More Sustainable in Your Wedding

Unexpected Ways to Be More Sustainable in Your Wedding

There are a few different options a bride has to make a sustainable choice when it comes to your wedding gown or even wedding event looks.

The first and easiest way to make a sustainable choice is to buy a second hand wedding gown.  Brides might not realize the carbon footprint of a brand new wedding gown.  On average, it requires a minimum of 2,500 gallons of water just to make one wedding gown.  By choosing a once loved gown, not only have you saved on water, but you’ve also saved 50-100 hours of labor and electricity to produce the gown. Better yet, gowns sold in consignment stores often have never walked down an aisle. At Loved Twice Bridal, about 50% of our product has never walked down an aisle, meaning they are brand new or even like new samples, but still let you make a sustainable choice. 

The second way to make a sustainable choice with your wedding gown would be to prioritize how a designer makes their wedding gown. While production models are often not common or public knowledge, simply ask your stylist to show you gowns made by designers doing their part in sustainability by not mass producing gowns. The gowns at Loved Twice Bridal are curated to ensure that the gowns sold with us are not mass produced and truly made to order per bride.

A slightly more invested option would be to remake/redesign a vintage/heirloom gown. Perhaps your mother or MIL has a preserved gown that she was hoping to pass along. Finding a tailor who specializes in repatterning gowns could be a bit more to take on than buying an off the rack gown, but would be offset with a one of a kind unique gown.

Making sustainable choices doesn’t have to stop at just your wedding gown. Buying second hand little white dresses or bridal accessories are small but impactful ways to cut your carbon footprint. Always be sure to shop online marketplaces for other wedding event outfits and little touches.

Shopping second hand isn’t limited to just the bride either.  Ask your guests to make sustainable choices in what they wear as well, and encourage your most important guests to find their wedding day looks at second hand shops that specialize in evening wear.  Not only does Loved Twice Bridal cater to the bride, but we also cater to mothers and black-tie guests with our second hand evening wear collection.

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