Ways to make your wedding more sustainable

Ways to make your wedding more sustainable

With the average wedding emitting nearly 60,000 kilograms of CO2, it’s no wonder that couples are looking for more sustainable ways to host their special day.

From embracing outdoor venues with their natural beauty to choosing plant-based menu items, but one of the easiest ways to make your wedding more sustainable is one that people don’t often think of: buying your wedding outfits second-hand.

While the bridal resale market can feel daunting, Loved Twice Bridal aims to ensure that every bride shopping with us has the full bridal experience, that she truly loves her gown, and that she knows she is making the best choice for her and her wedding, no matter where in the country she may be.

Kicking off your wedding planning with a sustainable mindset is a wonderful way to make sure that you are being conscious of the planet and how your wedding will impact it. With bridal gown shopping being one of the first items in the planning process, buying your gown second-hand makes sure you kick off the process with sustainability in mind. Loved Twice Bridal is here to help. Brides local to our boutique are invited to shop in-store with one of our tenured stylists, while brides across the country are able to take advantage of our online store and our unique try-at-home program to make sure that they truly love their gown and that it is everything they want it to be.

Couples who want to make their wedding as sustainable as possible should share this sentiment with their guests. Set the tone with recycled paper invites or e-vites, and ask your guests to wear an item that they already own, rent their outfit, or also purchase their look second-hand.

Find a venue that naturally reflects your love as a couple. Whether that means a beach wedding, a city street, or deep in the forest, finding a venue with natural beauty means less decorations, which in turn means less carbon (and money) output. Plus, your pictures will be even more dramatic!

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