Wedding dress with ruffles

Wedding Dresses with Ruffles

Not all ruffled wedding dresses are built the same.  There are many types of ruffles out there, and you can find them on any silhouette that you’re looking for.  They can be a really fun way to add some movement, flare, and personality to your wedding gown.


When a bride is shopping for a ruffled wedding gown, the two most important things to keep in mind is what silhouette she wants, and what type of ruffles make her the happiest.  Does she prefer something with a rougher cut for a more modern look, or something flowy for the romance?  Different fabrics will also give different feels to the ruffles themselves.  Something made of tulle will feel whimsical and playful, whereas a silk or satin will have more of a traditional and sophisticated feel.  Finally, where the ruffles are on the gown will highlight or disguise different parts of her body.


One of my favorite ways to play with ruffles in wedding gowns is to use them to create balance on the body.  If a bride has larger hips but a smaller bust, then I will show her gowns that have a ruffle on the bodice, maybe on the neckline or on a sleeve of some kind.  This will provide a balance on the top of her body with her hips, and in turn make her waist look smaller.  On the opposite side, if a bride is bustier, then ruffles in the skirt are a great way to provide balance to the body in a unique and interesting way.  Ruffle placement is important, and very much depends on the bride’s body, the silhouette she wants, and the type of ruffles she is drawn to.


Ruffles will naturally add volume to a gown, but that doesn’t mean that all ruffled gowns are voluminous.  One of the most popular types of ruffles is a fitted mermaid gown with a ruffle texture on the skirt.  There is also a trend moving towards A-Lines with smaller ruffles for the visual interest without adding bulk to the skirt.  And of course, there will always be the large, dramatic ballgowns that have ruffles in the skirt.


Ruffles also don’t need to be heavy.  The weight of a ruffled gown will largely depend on the type of ruffles, as well as the fabric that they are made of.  Tulle and organza ruffles will be light weight and focus more on the movement of the fabric, whereas ruffles made of silk or satin typically have less movement and more weight to them.  

The most important thing to remember is to keep an open mind and have fun.  Your wedding dress should be a reflection of you, and ruffles can be a great way to achieve that.

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