How It Works


Complete our bridal gown or accessories consignment intake questionnaire. We will be in touch within 24-48 hours to schedule a 30 minute virtual consignment appointment to go over specific details of your gown.

Should you agree to consign with Loved Twice Bridal, we will send over an agreement and an invoice for $50. This fee covers shipping the gown to us, housing the product internally, the listing of the gown online.

We will do the legwork to get your gown sold and when it does, we will send you a portion of the sale!


With a tenured team behind the brand, we make ourselves available to you via  email, chat, or pre-scheduled virtual appointments. Luxury doesn't have to cost full price and we are the experts to help you find your dream second hand gowns!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why Loved Twice Bridal?

Loved Twice Bridal differs from our competitors in that we don’t just list your items on our website. Instead, we house, list, market and advise on our curated collection to our brides and formal wear customers. Our goal is to achieve the same luxury customer service experience you would get in a traditional purchasing model but save you money with consignment wedding day looks. In doing so, we also hope to make a difference in the bridal industry.

What’s the difference between consignment and resale?

With our consignment model, gowns and accessories are “loaned” to LTB to sell on behalf of the seller. We use our resources and expertise to get the item sold and when it does, the split is 50/50%. This differs from the bridal resale shops in that you do not get paid until your items have sold.

What do you take on consignment?

Our collection of product assortments are truly curated to give second hand shoppers the luxury experience. We mention this as we do not take all items.

Please visit our inspiration page to see what we are looking for.

How much will you list my item for?

Generally speaking, unaltered styles can sell for about 60-70% of retail price. This depends on a couple things like trend, active/discontinued style, and designer. 

Altered/worn gowns can sell for about 40-55% of its retail price. This also depends on trend, active/discontinued style, designer, but most importantly alterations made on the gown.

Along with our industry knowledge, LTB will do research to ensure we are pricing your item for a fast sale.

How much will I make with Loved Twice Bridal?

You, the consignee, will make 50 of the sale while, LTB, consignor, will keep 50% of the sale. Price breakdown varies by original price of the gown & current market value. Some items may qualify for a different percentage.

How is this a sustainable option?

On a smaller scale, LTB wants to make sure brides get the most out of the craftsmanship in a luxury gown. Generally speaking, gowns and accessories are only worn once so we strive to continue its legacy with even one more wear and in doing so, we save you money.

On a larger sale, unfortunately, not all bridal gown designers cut in a made to(per) order model because it’s cheaper to cut in bulk. With a tenured bridal industry expert behind the brand, we have come to learn a lot about production. We do our best to seek out, select, and curate a collection of designers who are doing their part to be less wasteful and use finer, longer lasting materials.

Is my gown considered "luxury"?

While all bridal gowns are expensive, luxury gowns are gowns that typically retail for $4,000 or more. As mentioned above, we are doing our part in promoting designers that cut in a made to order fashion. Gowns with a higher retail price point cost more to produce, thus making it imperative to cut only when asked to keep from having dead stock.

Can I list my items separately from Loved Twice Bridal?

No. We are able to sell our items much quicker than other second hand platforms is because we house the product internally. Consigning with LTB agrees to exclusivity of the product until the agreement ends.

How soon will I get paid for my items?

LTB will send you a check within 30 (thirty) days of your items being sold. You can reference your consignor portal for more details. We will reach out for confirmation upon the sale of your item.

Can I sell back my item to Loved Twice Bridal?

While it is not guaranteed, after purchasing and wearing your second hand gown and accessories, you may have the option to consign your items with LTB again. The decision is made on a few factors like: condition, trend, further alterations made. Please complete the gown intake form to be considered.

Does Loved Twice Bridal take anything and everything?

Like any bridal boutique, LTB curates our collection of products based off of what we know we can sell quickly. We do this with product knowledge, industry trends, and a thorough evaluation of each item. We seek and prefer gowns and accessories that can’t be found everywhere!

What happens if my gown doesn’t sell?

Should your agreement with LTB come to an end prior to the items selling, LTB and the consignee can both agree to renew the agreement or the consignee can take it back. Should you decide to have your item(s) back, discounted shipping rates apply. Lastly, the consignee can forfeit the items and LTB would be happy to donate them.

How long do I have you try on my gown?

You will have 3 days from receipt to try on.

What happens if I don’t like the dresses I tried on at home?

Should the items you requested not work out, you are required to send the items back to LTB. You will not receive your deposit money back.

What happens after the 3 days?

After the 4th day, you will be charged 1% of the Selling Box Total as a late fee.

What happens if I love my box and want to keep it all?

Between our chat option, fast email responses and scheduled virtual buying appointments, we are confident that you will love your total look! Should you decide to say yes, please chat, text or email us ASAP and we will send you an invoice for the total balance of the items you are keeping, less your deposit.

What happens if I damage the gown when trying on?

Upon return to LTB, items will be assessed for damage. Any damage made to the borrowed items will be taken to a tailor for a quote and an invoice will be sent.

Are the gowns cleaned after each bride?

Our consignee’s agree to cleaning and repairing the gowns prior to their arrival at LTB. Should an item come in that is not up to par with our standards, LTB will clean and repair the gown prior to listing on our website. 

What happens if I receive a damaged product?

LTB thoroughly inspects all items upon entry and departure from our care. Should you receive a damaged item, please send photos and an email to with your name and order/invoice number immediately.

Can I return or exchange a gown I purchased?

No. We adhere to the same industry standard: All Sales are Final.

Instead, we offer several opportunities to ask questions and try on the gown before you complete your purchase to ensure you are buying a gown that will work for you!